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So , It was little messed up even before it started ; I booked the trip for 4 but Anwesha decided not to come. So it was just me and my mother. My flight from Luton by Wizz air was bang on time. As usual I had to convince them that I am allowed to flight without visa.


I arrived Belgrade at 1 am and then finally reached to my apartment at 2. Next day we left in the morning to Beograd central station to collect my reservation ticket. Beograd central station was in complete dilapidatedย  state because of ongoing renovation work . After breakfast we walked along the walking trail towards Kalemegdan park.


ย The strategically convenient location of the ridge at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube, which dominates the surroundings and enables control over the plain from its north and west side, had been inhabited since prehistoric times.ย Belgrade was defended against Turkish attacks for the first time in 1440.


ย During the third siege of Belgrade in 1521, Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent succeeded to conquer the town. At that time, Belgrade became a very important stronghold for their further movement towards the heart of Europe. The town field in front of the Fortress was named Kalemegdan (kale โ€“ town, megdan โ€“ field), and the hill on which the Fortress was built, was called โ€˜ficir bairโ€™ โ€“ hill for contemplation.


Today it is an open air museum with a grand view of the confluence of two rivers and the city itself , roman well with its mysterious stories , statue of victory (erected in 1928 to commemorate the Kingdom of Serbiaโ€™s war victories over the Ottoman Empire (First Balkan War) and Austria-Hungary (World War I)).


In the afternoon we visited the orthodox church ( Church of St. Alexander Nevsky) . Next day I relaxed in the morning as my mother developed blisters with her new shoes. I visited temple of St. Sava (largest orthodox church in Balkan region) .ย It was raised on the spot where it is thought that in 1595 Sinan-Pasha burned the relics of Saint Sava. The inside of the church is still being decorated.


We had to vacate the apartment by 2PM. I figured out how to use public transport , we left apartment after lunch and then left for bus station to deposit our luggage . We just walked randomly for couple of hours . Our final activity in Belgrade was a river cruise . This was a 90 min tour with very comfortable boats with two level. We went up north to the confluence ofย ย Save to the Danube river and then again turned to south to New Railway bridge. On the way we saw most of the landmarks of the city.


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