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Egypt Itinerary

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Part 1

Day 1: London – Cairo – Bahariya => ย Overnight flight from London to Cairo and from airport we immediately started our journey towards desert. The night was spent at a nice hotel in Elย Bawiti

Day 2: Baharia – Black Desert – White Desert => Continued our journey towards white desert . Camped overnight at white desert.

Day 3: Dakhla Oasis => From white desert to Dakhla Oasis throughย Farafra Oasis

Day 4: Kharga Oasis => From Farafra to Kharga Oasis.

Day 5: Kharga Oasis to Luxor => ย Kharga Oasis to Luxor . Afternoon at Luxor , visited Karnak temple.


Part 2

Day 6: Luxor – Aswan – Abu Simbel => Drove Luxor to Aswan . Did some sight seeing and then flew fro Aswan to Abu Simbel. Visited the temple in the afternoon and watched Light & sound show. Overnight at Abu Simbel.

Day 7: Abu Simbel – Aswan => Woke up early morning visited the temple and watched the sunrise. Latter took a bus to Aswan. Overnight at Aswan. Visitedย Philae temple in the evening.

Day 8: Aswan to Luxor. via Kom Ombo, Edfu , Esna => Morning we took a boat ride to one of the island in Nile. In the evening we reached Luxor and on our way visited Kom Ombo, Edfu and Esna. Overnight at Luxor.

Day 9: Luxor => We did a balloon ride over Luxor . Later we visited Valley of Kings, Valley of Workers and Valley of Queens. In the evening we visited Luxor temple and took overnight train to Giza.

Day 10: Giza => Visited Giza pyramid complex. Latter in the evening watched light and sound show.

Day 11: Saqara and Dasur => Visited pyramid complex of Saqara and Dasur

Day 12: Cairo => Roamed Cairo. Overnight at YHA Cairo.

Day 13: London => Early morning flight from Cairo to London.

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