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Safari in Tanzania

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No visit to Tanzania is complete without a Safari. There are many Safari parks in Tanzania but in this trip I covered part of Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara national park. My safari trip started right after I completed my Kilimajero climb.

Day 0:ย I arrived from Kilimanjero a day early than planned as I could not sleep up at the top . So I had one extra day at Moshi. Nevertheless , I slept at a cosy warm hotel bed after a while and had a briefing from my Safari driver cum guide.

Day 01: Drive from Moshi to serengeti via transit on Ngoro-Ngoro conservation area. On the way I saw loads of animals, Zebra , Jiraffe , Herds of wild beast and beatiful Massai villages and Massai people at work.ย  Part of the road to Serengeti runs along the rim of Ngorongoroย  crater. This is essentially a conservation area where grazers are allowed and theyย  live in unison with the wilderness. On the way to the lodge we didย  half day game drive and overnight at into the Tanzania Bush camps in Serengeti Nation-al park. The camps are scatterd across a large area with comfortable tents . There is a central large tent where one need to come for food and drinks. Internet is also available in that area. One can contact the reception over radio for hot water or any other need from his own tent.

Somewhere A stop on the way


A Masai Village




Gate to Ngorongoro conservation area




Tanzania Bush camp

Day 02: I woke up early and had a big and full breakfast at the camp. After breakfast I packed my lunch and then off to a full day game drive at Serengeti National park. The weather was very unusual this time and it was raining . Serengeti national park is huge about 5700 sq mile. It has the largest annual animal migration in the world of over 1.5ย millionย blue wildebeestย and 250,000 zebra along with smaller herds ofย Thomson’s gazelleย andย eland.ย The national park is also home to the largestย lion population in Africa.ย  The park has 3 distinct regions 1) Serengeti Plains: – Its almost treeless grassland in the south. It has koppies, granite formations that serve as observation posts for predators. ย 2) Western Corridor:- There are big groups ofย riverine forest and some small mountain ranges. The great migration passes through the corridor from May to July. It stretches to Lake Victoria. 3) Northern Serengeti:- The landscape is dominated by open woodlands, predominantlyย Commiphoraย and hills, ranging fromย Seronera in the south to the Mara River on the Kenyan border. It is remote and relatively inaccessible.ย  I was primarily in the central area which is Serengeti Plains . ย Many roads within the park became impossible to cross even with a Toyota 4 wheeler.ย  I saw some hippo pools , family of lions , Cheetah , wild boar, hyena , Zebraย  etc.








Day 03: After breakfast we drive from Serengeti National park to Ngoro-Ngoro con-servation area, we descend to Ngoro ngoro crater floor for game drive after game drive exit to mto wa Mbu overnight at Marera Valley View. ย Ngorongoro Crater is renowned as the place with one of the highest densities of wild animals in the entire world. The unfilled volcanic caldera serves as a gigantic “natural zoo”, hosting thousands of animals, including a large population of lions, elephants, wildebeest, and rihnos. The origins of the Ngorongoro Crater dates to nearly two to three million years ago, when a gigantic volcano, believed to be a staggering 4,500m to 5,800m high, exploded and collapsed in on itself, forming a mostly flat and open caldera with a floor that covers 260 sqkm. It is the ย is home to nearly all of Tanzania’s diverse animal species, although there are no giraffes.ย They are unable to enter because the walls are too steep for them to walk down. I saw all big 5 inside the crater.








Day 04: This is my last day in Safari. After early morning breakfast we drove to Lake Manyara National park for game drive view with picnic lunch. Lake Manyara national park is characterized byย acacia woodlands, savannah grasslands, a forested area, flood plains and also the rocky escarpment of the rift valley. Tree climbing lions can also be seen during safaris in Lake Manyara national park and they are among the unique attractions at the destination. I saw load of elephants






My flight to UK was next morning. Left hotel very early to Kilimanjero airport. Overall a great and amazing trip.