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Liechtenstein – Vaduz and around

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Principality of Liechtenstein is 25 KM long landlocked micronation sandwitched between Austria and Switzerland. Economically it has one of the highest per captia GDP ratio and considered the safeset country in the world

Day 1

My flight was in the morning 6AM from Heathrow airport. Travelling in the morning from Heathrow was a bliss, hardly takes anytime for security in an otherwise extreamly busy airport. Flight to Zurich airport was under 2 hours and then public transport to Vaduz , capital of Liechtenstein. It’s straightforward to go , train to Zurich HB and then another train to Saragana and from their bus to Vaduz and then another change to the Youth hostel. Overall it took me about 3 hrs to the YHA. Had my lunch in an Asian place and then went to YHA. This was a pretty much rest day for me. Dinner was booked inย  YHA. In the evening after dinner went for a leasurly walk .


Day 2

This was a big day. I left YHA after a heafty breakfast. Took bus to Malbun. Malbun is a ski resort and a pretty little town. YHA to Malbun took about 1 hr with a change of bus at Vaduz. I tackled Princess Gina trail. Its about 9 mile with a fair bit of ridge walk. First highlight was Friedenskapelle Malbun, the highest church in the country built in 1950/51. A fairly steep but well lad path takes me up to Sareis hut, which is also accessable by chair lift from there walk along the ridge takes me to Summit cross of Sareiserjoch at 2000m. From here the official trail of Fรผrstin-Gina-Weg, Malbun starts. A magnificent circular hike on the Fรผrstin-Gina-Weg from the Sareiser-Hรถhe to the Augstenberg and along the flower-strewn ridge on a secured mountain path down to the Pfรคlzerhรผtte of the Liechtenstein Alpine Association (2108 m) at the foot of the Naafkopf.




Way back over the wide pastureland of Alp Gritsch to the valley height and descent over the Vaduz valley to Malbun. Narrow path along the ridge from here leads uphill between alpine flowers and crags to the highest point, the 2,359 meter high Augstenberg with its mighty summit cross and the wonderful view. Though the day was sunny , it was extreamly difficult to walk due to high gusts of wind. Gradually I descended down to ย Pfรคlzerhรผtte which is a mountain hut at an altitude of 2,108 meters and is located at the top of the Naaf Valley on the border with Austria. The hut is an ideal starting point for tours to the Naafkopf, where the borders of Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein meet, as well as to the Liechtensteiner Weg, via which the Brandner Ferner, the Mannheimer Hรผtte and the Schesaplana can be reached. Above the hut towards the Naafkopf is a climbing garden with routes from 4th to 7th difficulty levels.

I had my lunch here. Food was simple but expensive. I did not have any cash , hut owner told me to drop cash at YHA and they will collect it at the end of the season. After that gradually I came down to Malbun and then bus back to YHA.





Day 3

This was predicted to be a rainy day. It rained all night but seemed got better after breakfast. Whole Liechtenstein can be covered in 5 days. This is called Liechtenstein trail. The plan is to tackle segment 2 of the walking route today. The walk starts from beautiful Triesenberg town which is on the way to Malbun and I reached there by bus. Its an easy 7 mile walk on paved surface. I started from the town and crossed past the listed Walser homestead Profatscheng, with a great view of Rhine Valley . The trail leads across the wooded slopes, the Erbi and the Hinder Prufatscheng Alm to the ruins of Schalun Castle, also known as the Wildschloss. From there one can have a wonderful view of Vaduz. A leisurely descent through beautiful woodland finally leads to Vaduz Castle and from there along the Castle Trail, which documents the history of the Principality, to the centre of the capital and seat of government.





After reaching the center of the Vaduz, I roam around city center for sometime , did some shopping , had my lunch and visited the cathedral.



Later I took a bus to Balzers to visist Burg Gutenberg . The castle is open to public and no entrance fee is charged. The castle lies on a 70 metre high free-standing rock near the centre of Balzers and is accessible via a street and road known as Burgweg.ย  The outer courtyard is freely accessible throughout the year. The castle chapel with rose garden is freely accessible. The view from top is amazing.

Day 4

This is the final day . I left after my breakfast from YHA , took bus 11 to Saragana and then train to Zurich HB. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. After reaching to Zurich I did a self guided walking tour. The walk started fromย Bahnhofstrasse , one of the worldโ€™s most expensive and exclusive shopping avenues. The walk then continued to ย Augustinergasse, one of the most beautiful, historical streets in Zurich. Once I reached the small square of Munzplatz (with the prettiest floral fountain Iโ€™d ever seen) you will see the Augustinerkirche church straight ahead of you. Then I walked through Rennweg to reach junction with Fortunagasse turned right and headed up to Lindenhof hill. Lindenhof was once home to a roman castle but today provides an open green space to relax in. Here you will enjoy gorgeous views over the city.

From the opposite side of Lindenhof to which I entered and head straight down through the streets until you reach St Peters Church. This is a beautiful little area to relax in, very peaceful. Them turned right at the river and wander down roughly 350 meters until you reach Burkliplatz. This is the dock area where boat tours of Lake Zurich depart from and on Saturdays a flea market is held. I immediately turn left onto Quailbrucke bridge (without crossing) as this is where one can get a stunning view of both Fraumunster and Grossmunster churches. Then I crossed the road at Burkliplatz and wander along that side to get a view of Lake Zurich

I then continued walking along the riverfront until I can see Sechselรคutenplatz across the road. Sechselรคutenplatz is the largest town square in Zurich and is home to the Zurich opera house. Came back via same way and reached to Quailbrucke bridge again donโ€™t cross, just continue walking alongside the river. I passes Wasserkirche on the left before reaching the Munsterbrucke bridge and the gorgeous Grossmunster church on my right. Behind the church is a little courtyard and the entrance .

I then headed back out towards the river and this time cross over Munsterbrucke bridge. From here one can get stunning views of Grossmunster church. I then walked under a covered section and then came out into a little square area behind the town hall. Crossed Rathausbrรผcke to get back onto the other side of the river. Finally walked straight up Marktgasse street. At the top of the street turned left and walk through the cobbled street called Niederdorfstrasse full of shops, bars and restaurants. From junction with a street named Am Rank turn left onto it and head straight down across to the Muhlesteg pedestrian bridge. This is a love lock bridge where you can hang your padlocks! Then I continued walking along the river front up to Bahnhofbrucke bridge. Zurich HB is just across the river