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Eridge Circular – ancient Rock formations and Manor Houses

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We started off in the idyllic village of Eridge, nestled in the northern borderlands of East Sussex next to Kent. Following the picturesque views across the Kent and Sussex countryside. Our trail revealed and abundance of lush countryside demonstrating why Kent is known as the Garden of England. Bright and open woodlands including Broadwater forest are home to abundant wildlife. We then hiked to the impressive Harrisonโ€™s rocks – a collection of rock outcrops that date back about 135 million years but that owe their dramatic and striking shapes to the last Ice Age. They’re extremely popular with climbers . We saw lot of climbers practicing their skills.




Our delightful rural hike continued on to the truly stunning Kentish scenery. Much of this section went through very peaceful countryside with a remote feeling. We passed the well-known moated manor of Groombridge which had a rich history of over 700 years. The manor house as well as the bridges and moat gates were largely designed by Sir Christopher Wren, known for his redesign of St Paulโ€™s Cathedral, following the Great Fire of London in 1666. From here we will dive into serene shady woods of Kent where we can quiet our minds and enjoy the scenic beauty of the countryside. Our hike finished back to Eridge where we had a well-deserved rest and drinks before we head home.