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Hiking up Mount Maglic

๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฆ ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฆ ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ฆ

The bus picked us up from the Dubrovnik airport . There was some confusion about one person who arrived lake but nevertheless we set out for Tjentiste which would be our base for Mount Maglic. I met my guide and team en route to the 18th century city of Trebinje. This is the southernmost city in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is situated on the banks of Trebiลกnjica river in the region of East Herzegovina.

The restrurant seems pretty posh with great view . After lunch we visited the Tvrdos Monastery and taste some of their famous wine. Later in the afternoon we checked in the hotel in the village of Tjentiste and discussed plans for the coming days over dinner.

Next day we left pretty early in the morning after breakfast. A local van dropped us to the starting point . The views over magnificent Peruฤ‡ica rainforest accompany us along the way and we were dropped at the starting point in time. Together with Bioฤ and Volujak, Magliฤ‡ massif create a mountain group which is lined by deep river canyions, by Sutjeska on western side, by Drina and Piva on eastern side, and by Vrbnica on southern side. Magliฤ‡ is also surrounded by 4 vasty plateaus: Snijeลพnica, Vuฤevo, Ulobiฤ‡ and Prijevor. There are 4 different routes to Maglic :-


Tnovaฤko Jezero lake (1513 m) – ล arena Lastva – Carev Do (2000 m) – Magliฤ‡ summit (2386 m): 3.30h-4h


Mratinje (750 m) – Mratinjska Jezera lakes (1504 m) – Katun Presjeka (1826 m) – Carev Do (2000 m) – Magliฤ‡ summit (2386 m): 4h


Mratinje (750 m) – Krฤ village (1000 m) – Katun Podstubica (1430 m) – Katun Klanac (1720 m) – Carev Do (2000 m) – Magliฤ‡ summit (2386 m): 4.30h-5h


Mratinje (750 m) – Krฤ village (1000 m) – Katun Podstubica (1430 m) – Ledenice (1900 m) – Klekov Kom (2356 m) – Magliฤ‡ summit (2386 m): 3.30h-4h

We took combination of Route 3 /4 which gave us view of the lake from far away . Though this is a longer route but it is less steep , with lot less open section and less scrambling. First part of the trek we went through green forest with the path hardly visible , most of the snow has been melted but there were some shaded areas with snow patches. Some exposed areas do have fixed rope to cling on but last 1/3 part is pretty difficult specially in bad wether.

Luckily for us wether was perfect , eventhough few folks struggled a lot. The view from top is stunning . From the summit of Magliฤ‡ you can enjoy in many beautifuly summit panoramas. Most beautiful view is to Trnovaฤko Jezero lake in the form of the heart and rocky massif of Trnovaฤki Durmitor above it. Also, from Magliฤ‡ summit you can admire the impressive beauty of the wild peaks of Bioฤ range. Above Suha Canyon Volujak massif is nicely visible, while on the other side Zelengora peaks are located. Finally, in the background you can recognize the highest and main peaks ofย DURMITORย range, specialy Bobotov Kuk, Bezimeni Vrh, Djevojka and Prutas which hanging above incredible beauty of Skrka Lakes Valley.