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New York

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I used to work as a contractor then in UBS. It was the month of September and my contract was supposed to be finished in December. I went for 8 weeks trip to New York mostly for work.

Brooklyn Bridge – Connecting Manhattan and Brooklyn

Over the weekends I visited obvious places like statue of liberty. The monument itself is situated on liberty island which is accessible by regular ferry. It is possible to climb to the top but that requires a reservation of 6 months in advance.


My office was on wall street . Though it was usually long days at office but I used to take time to roam around after office hours whenever possible.

Wall Street


Chinatownย is a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. This area is packed with food stalls, Chinese and Southeast Asian restaurants for dumplings, pork buns and hand-pulled noodles. The busy sidewalks are packed with souvenir stores, bubble tea shops

China town

New York trip will be incomplete without mentioning Times square situated at Midtown Manhattan .ย Times Square was renamed in 1904 afterย The New York Timesย moved its headquarters to the then newly erected Times Building โ€“ nowย One Times Squareย โ€“ the site of the annualย New Year’s Eveย ball dropย which began on December 31, 1907, and continues today, attracting over a million visitors to Times Square every year. This is also mostly packed with tourist all year and in the evening glows with huge billboards all around.


Time Square
Chinatown packed with tourist

9/11 incident was still a grim reminder at the location of WTC. There were original steel structure which was part of the collapsed building.

Brooklyn Bridge
Ground zero – 9/11