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Slovenia : Hiking around Kranjska Gora

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Sept 2020. Lot of countries in Europe were either in lockdown mode or not encouraging foreign travellers . However in Italy first wave had just receded and Slovenia was still open for UK residents. Amid those uncertainties I decided to travel in Slovenia . My flight was in the morning to Venice. Robin who was travelling in a campervan picked me up from airport. It was about 5 hour drive to hotel ลกpik at Kranjska Gora. We spent afternoon walking nearby around the hotel and with a great dinner which was inclusive in our package.



Day 1

This morning weather prediction was relatively better . So we decide to tackle Prisank Window(2300 m) . The starting point is Vrลกiฤ pass (1611 m) on the road ‘Kranjska Gora โ€“ Bovec’. From Vrลกiฤ pass ascend past Tiฤar mountain hut on a wide dirt road until a marked spot with an excellent view towards the rocky face of the ‘Pagan girl’ in Prisojnik north wall. On the small hill Sovna glava, (1750m) the route for Through the Front (West) Window goes in the north face but we followed the signposts for the route over south slopes. We crossed the long screes below the west face of Prisojnik and soon you come on the small pass in the middle of Prisojnik`s west ridge called Gladki rob, (1870m). From Gladki rob secedes the route over the West ridge (one route goes also down to Trenta valley). But we followed the route which crossed the south slopes and comes on the next crossing. Here we took the route, which turns left on the south slopes. We scrambled over some rocks and the screes and climb on some secured routes. Soon we came back on the west ridge just some meters below the summit and then we reached the very powerful mountain of Prisojnik. Weather prediction was not good and on close to the window it was not looking good . So we decided to start decent immediately after taking some quick snaps. It was long decent . Tantiana and Joel could not make it. Down at the hut we had some nice cake and tea before continuing on to Vrลกiฤ pass.



Day 2

Weather prediction was not good at upper ridges, So we stayed low and walked around the Martuljek Gorge. The path around the lower waterfall eroded a lot and its fairly difficult to walk but there are some steel ropes and cable hangs. We walked around the Gorge and saw both lower and upper waterfalls. Next we walked along the mountain path through Srednji Vrh settlement all the way to Kranjska Gora. It has an excellent view of Jullien Alps. That day we also had an excellent lunch at Gostilna Jozica. Everyone choosed to stay back in hotel after lunch . Me and Misha walked to Kranjska Gora for some shopping.ย 


Day 3

Today also weather was not good,ย  we walked around Srednji Vrh with excellent view of Julien Alps. Latter we walked also around Mala Mojstrovka



Day 4

Today the weather turned excellent . We hiked to Slemenova ล pica (1911 M) from Vrลกiฤ pass. In the afternoon we drove to Periฤnik Falls and walked behind the waterfall.








Day 5

Weather again turned really ugly . We checked out the hotel after breakfast . Then we drove to Fusine lakes . We walked around both the lakes and then I was dropped off at Venice airport



Day 6

Spent the day walking around Venice before taking return flight back to London