The Golden Pass Express

The Golden Pass Express

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Switzerland has numerous luxury trains. One of the popular one is “The Golden Pass” , from Montreux to Lucerne . We boarded it of Montreux to Interlaken and stayed 1 night at Interlaken .


This section train climbs to the highest point of the entire Golden Pass line, near Saanenmöser, at 1279 and soon after it leaves French speaking part and enter the German speaking part of Switzerland.


Before Interlaken it continues its way to  Spiez, a town at a scenic location along Lake Thun. You can easily see the pyramid shaped Mount Niesen from here.



Next part of our journey was from Interlaken to Lucerne. After Interlaken there was beautiful view to Lake Brienz and then train reaches to Hasli valley . From here it uses cog wheel to climb up to Brünig Pass at 1008M . Then it passes along the foot of Pilatus mountain with a view of lake Lucerne and terminates at Lucerne.




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