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Walking in Patagonia – Tierra del Fuego

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This was a super long day for me. My knee was still not in a great shape . I spent the full day walking in the Iguazu park. I came back to my hostel in the afternoon and then booked a shared transport to the airport. My flight from Puerto Iguazu was at 9.15 PM. I reached BA at 11.30. My flight from BA to Ushuaia was at 11.30 PM so I slept at the airport for few hours.

I reached Ushuaia at about 8 AM. Ushuaia airport is very small but they have a very helpful counter for local travel information . I collected local travel information , maps and some other useful details. Then I took a cab to my hostel which is very close to the town center. Though I was really tiered and hungry but the dorm room was not available and would not be available until 3 PM. So I decided to spend the day walking in the park. I arranged a pick up from my hostel at 11 AM. The mini bus typically charges ARS $100. The first stop is the end of world post office where I had to purchase the entry ticket for the park (ARS $ 85) which is valid only for the day.

Bahia Laoataia – End of national route -3 , Southernmost lake in the world reachable by a car

Terra_Del_fugoThe park has dramatic scenery including waterfalls , mountains and glaciers.ย  The total area is around 630 Sq Km.ย  Once inside the park first bus stop is Ensenada Bay. I was unsure of my ability to do 10 mile Coastal pathย  trek so I decided to continue. Next bus stop within the park is Alakush which is kind of the center of the recreation zone. Also the Coastal path trek ends here. Finally the last stop is Lapatita bay. This is also the end of national route no 3. I got down here . This area is very scenic with a view of the bay and the Beagle canal There is a 1 km scenic walk in the surrounding grassland . This is farthest point in the south so also known as end of the world. Form the shore of the Lapatita I walked up to Mirador (view point) Bahia Lapatita. The view from here towards the bay is amazing. Then I continued along the trail which finally joined Route – 3 . I walked along Route – 3 for sometime and then saw a 1 km trail to Lake Negra. It it a small but beautiful lake very close to Chile border. The great peaks of the Andes are dominating the skyline across the border. I continued my walk along the the lake took some nice pictures and the came back again to main road. The road to Alakush goes through various water bodies. There is an Ecological park and a view point for Laguna Verde. When I reached Alakush it was about 2 PM. I already walked 5 / 6 miles and I was feeling confident about the Coastal path trek, so I decided to take it up in reverse direction.



The coastal walk is one way walk of 8 / 9 KM it goes through amazing scenery of forest and marsh land and finishes at the Ensenada bay. The route also gives glimpses of the Andes peaks across Chile border. There were loads of ups and downs and I had to stretch myself a bit to finish it.


Unfortunately I came to know buses wont come to Ensenada bay on their way back. I managed to get a lift to the main road and then finally after waiting for 1 hr got a minibus back to the town. It was a very long but a satisfying day.