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Weddell sea and South Shetland Island

17-Jan-2018 – 10AM

We are travelling at full speed towards Antarctica sounds. We are expecting to reach there by 12. The wether was cloudy and misty since morning. It is snowing outside now.


17-Jan-2018 – 10 PM

We did not manage to reach Paulet island. This was because of packed ice conditions in Weddle sea. So we had to turn back again through Antarctica sound . We passed through huge tabular icebergs floating around in that area. It was almost size of a huge football stadium. It was bit of a wasteful day and we did not do any landing today.

18-Jan-2018 – 11 AM

Today morning our first stop is to visit whalers bay in deception island. I woke up early in morning to watch the ship passing through a narrow gap to enter deception island. The landscape here is very different compare to all other places in Antarctica. Here active volcanic activity exists . The island stays right above a magma chambers.


18-Jan-2018 – 10 PM
Hannah Point & Walkers bay This was our last stop for the trip. It is a very special place where so many wildlife is crammed into a small patch of land. We walked for 2 hours alongside the shore . There were colonies for Ghentoo penguins , Chinstrap penguins and dozens of elephants seal resting in a small patch of beach. I also saw some plants of Antarctica here , like flowering grass , leachen and algea. It is what they call Antarctica in a nutshell. This was definitely a high point of the trip and I am glad that we are finishing this expedition on a high note.