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Mexico : Cancun

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This was booked very well in advance primarily because I got a huge promotional deal at Sunset Royal Beach resort , Cancun .ย  Mexico and specially in Cancun there are these “all inclusive” resorts where essentially you pay mothing for your foods and drinks . On arrival you were given a bracelet and you just need to scan it and thats all. Flights , specially during Chrismas was expensive , so I opted for an indirect route .

We had a fairly comforatable room for 5 days and almost unlimited amount of food across many different restrurants . The namgement owns 3 different resorts in Cancun and there is shuttle bus that operates across these resorts . You can eat as much as you want at your choice of restrurant. Most restrurants wont require an early booking except one or two. Wether was not good for few days , nevertheless we spent the day playing in beach , swimming in the pool and also enjoying the Chrismas dinner onsite.



I had a booking for Scuba but that did not take place due to bad weather. Overall it was pretty relaxing , however as part of contractual obligation I had to attained their sales presentation. They try to force sale Timeshare and it was not a great experience to defend their pressure sale tactic.