Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls

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I took the first train from St. Mortiz to Zurich. It was a 3.5 hour journey with a change at Chur. From Zurich I took wrong train and realized this after sometime. So I had to come back to Zurich again to board the train to Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall. This is a frequent train and takes one hour.

Picture 460
Somewhere from train window. Was on a wrong train.

The falls are located on the High Rhine on the border between the cantons of Schaffhausen and Zürich, between the villages of Neuhausen am Rheinfall (SH) and Laufen-Uhwiesen/Dachsen (ZH). It is largest waterfall in Europe with flow rate 600 Cubic meter / s

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Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall is the closest station . Another station is Schloss Laufen station . One can actually walk down to the falls as well and even to the landing stages of the boat that brings you to the rock in the middle of the river.

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