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5 Best Night stays as backpacker

2008 – Cabane d’Orny. Haut route trek from Chamonix (France) to Zermatt(Switzerland)

Day 2 - 14. Cabane d'Orny

2016 – Chadar Trek Zanskar . Camping in front of frozen Zanskar in winter is not for faint hearted. Temperature goes down easily to -30C


2011 – Camping in white desert, Egypt. It was amazing to stay among these unearthly and beautiful wind-carved rocks


2012 – Ilulissat . Imagine you wake up in morning , open your windows and see floating icebergs. Ilulissat produced the iceberg that sank Titanic


2012 – This place has just a GPS coordinate but no name. We camped here during our cross country dog sled from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut (Artic circle trail)

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