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Luxor: Balloon ride over Kings Valley

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Mansoorย told me, โ€œyou should definitely do a balloon ride in Luxorโ€. I was not sure ; $150 sounded expensive. He finally convinced me. Next morning at 4 AM a mini bus came to pick us up. They collected people from various hotels and then took us outside city. Theย ground was huge.

All companies operate from here. There were probably close to 100 balloon which were getting ready to be air-borne. We went up at the break of dawn. Weather was cold and bit foggy. It was amazing to watch first rays of sun on Kingโ€™s valley.Weather became clear gradually;

and we could see the valley and aerial views of temple of Ramses II, Karnak temple , Luxor temple and Hatshepsut Temple. Slow breeze was taking us away toward some village. ย Gradually balloon pressure was reduced and we landed in a sugar cane field. A car was following us from ground. ย Within few min they came to pick us up. Overall it was an amazing experience.

PS : I did this ride in December 2012 through a company named Sindbad. On 26 Feb 2013 one hot air balloon crashed at the same site. 19 people died and only 2ย survived with serious injuries.