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Bosnia and Herzegovina : Mostar

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Day 1

I arrived Mostar in the morning . The hotel was in the old town and it was bit of walk from the bus stop. My hotel was at the heart od new town . It is one of the Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most beautiful cities . Most of the old town area can be covered easily by foot . Stari Most ( old bridge) is one of Bosnia and Herzegovinaโ€™s most famous landmarks and its compelling history and lively culture mean it features highly in a visit to Mostar. The bridge swoops over the Neretva River and was rebuilt in 2004 after the original Old Bridge, which stood for over 400 years, was destroyed in the Bosnian War. Winding along the cobbled streets of the Old Town, the Old Bazaar dates back to the 16th Century and is full to the brim of traditional restaurants, craft stores, trinkets and souvenirs. The market stretches across both sides of the Stari Most which divides the Muslim and Croat sides of the city. A wander through the Bazaar is a must do in Mostar and the crowded, colourful streets and lively atmosphere adds to its appeal. The Koski Mehmed Pasa Mosque is one of the most recognisable landmarks in Mostar and is visible across the city. The mosque is beautiful and colourful in its interior and visitor can enter through the picturesque courtyard and climb the stairs to the top of the minaret for the best views of the city. If you spend some time around the Stari Most youโ€™re sure to see some of Mostarโ€™s famous bridge divers, who leap gracefully from its dizzy heights, in action. Divers have been jumping from the bridge for over 450 years and, nowadays, a group of local divers take turns to please the crowd with their leaps having collected a sufficient donation from the bystanders.

Day 2

This day was dedicated to explore the region of Herzegovina on a full-day tour from Mostar. We experienced beautiful nature, extraordinary landscapes, historic sites, and charming towns. First I travelled to the town of Poฤitelj, a medieval town built next to River Neretva. Learned about the rich history of the town, met locals, and tasted fruits and vegetables that the little town is famous for. Then we went for a short 15-minute hike to the fort overlooking the town for some fantastic 360-degree panoramic views of the region. Finally we travelled to the Kravica Waterfall, located in the southwestern part of the region. The 28-meter high waterfall and the beautiful natural swimming pools were breathtaking. I swam in the refreshing waters of River Trebiลพat. On the way back to Mostar I stopped at the town of Blagaj where we learnt about its Ottoman culture and history. We visited the Buna river spring, the site of Vrelo Bune, which is a Sufi lodge built into the side of the cliff beside the source of the spring. The source of the Buna riverย  is a UNESCO hydrological natural monument . We did some boating to the cave (which is the source of the river) .The company with which this tour was arranged called X-Adventure . They are based in Mostar and the guide was super friendly.

Day 3

Started pretty early in the morning. Walked from my hotel to the station to catch my train to Sarejevo , my next stop.