You are currently viewing Eden Valley – Garden of England. Ancient woodlands and medieval landscapes

Eden Valley – Garden of England. Ancient woodlands and medieval landscapes

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We started off in Tonbridge village, with its idyllic manors and picture postcard castle. As we reach Haysden Country Park, our hike opens up to the breath-taking greens across parkland, woodlands, open fields and low hills. The High Weald is considered to be one of the best surviving medieval landscapes in Northern Europe. The area boasts the highest proportion of ancient woodland in the country and is one of the most densely wooded landscapes in Britain. Following a sunken lane, we start treading in the steps of Saxon drovers. We take a short break to admire Pinehurst Place – an impressive sight that has kept rich history throughout the decades. The original medieval house is one of the most complete surviving examples of 14th century domestic architecture in England. In the mid 16th century it was the hunting ground of Henry VIII.















Our path crosses the rivers Eden and Medway meandering across the enchanting Eden Valley. In the afternoon the charming Chiddingstone we had our packed lunch. It is a potent example of a single street Tudor village in typical Kent style. The village shop and post office date back to 1453 โ€“ just before the Wars of the Roses. After lunch we pass by Leigh and we see the remains of Tonbridge Castle, built in the 11th century and reputedly England’s finest example of a motte and bailey castle.