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Mexico : Tulum

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From Cancun our next destination was Tulum. We booked our tickets in ADO bus which were very comfortable though bus station was bit crowded and chaotic . Tulum has excellent beaches , but Playa Ruinas (Ruin beach)ย  is the most stunning beach . This narrow strip of sand at the foot of cliffs, overlooked by ruins of an ancient Mayan walled city.

The Tulum ruins, with its beautiful coastal setting, are one of the most popular Mayan cities and offer an interesting insight into the later years of the civilisation. From Tulum town the only public transport is Collectivos .

They drop at the intersection and from there its 800 meter walk (there is also a tram). I wasted half a day to figure out a way to post some documents via DHL . This was to fix up some earlier mess at Cancun with resort timeshare sale.

Nevertheless I visited the beach in the afternoon and then the following morning and also the ruin at early hours. The feel of the ruins with a coastal setting is very different from Chichen itzaย  . Somehow it felt that Tulum has a more authentic experience than Cancun. Also there are few cenote around Tulum, Dos Ojos is specially amazing . Though I could not visit due to time constraint.