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Egypt: Giza plateau

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We reached Giza in the morning by an overnight train from Luxor. The train was very comfortable. It was comparable almost to a standard hotel with a well made bed , private toilet and shower cubicle. Dinner was also included in the price. ย We were staying in a Luxury hotel for two days . After check-in we immediately left for Pyramid complex. I took some random street cab for 1 USD to take me to the entrance. On the way few locals just climbed the running cab and wanted to offer their service for a guided tour which I


declined and but they were very aggressive , somehow my cab driver got rid of them and offered his service which I also declined. He finally dropped me at the main entrance and left. The place is totally chaotic, touts, camels , street vendors everyone wants to sell something and wants baksheesย . I almost ignored all of them and started walking towards Khufu’s pyramid.ย Tourists can enter the great pyramid though I did not buy tickets to go inside the great pyramid. With a height of 481 ft , it was the tallest man made structure for a very long time.

Khafre Pyramid

Once people were allowed to climb pyramid but this is stopped now. After spending sometime near great pyramid we walked towards 2nd largest pyramid, Khafre. It sits on a bedrock of 10m, which makes it appear taller.

We went inside Khafre pyramid . It was super hot and humid inside and it made me little claustrophobic. From here we rook a camel who took us to the third pyramid, Menkaure which is only 61 m. We also went to surrounding deserts and finally he dropped us near sphinx.


Sphinx is a mythical creature with the body of a lion and head of human. No one ย really knows exact time it was built and purpose of it. The nose and beard was destroyed by Arab invaders in 15th century.


Later we came out of the complex had our long delayed launch and watched sunset from a cafe opposite to the main gate. In the evening we went to watch light and sound show. It was a surreal experience to listen the history of life of Nile valley for last 5000 years in the voice of Sphinx . ย The pyramids and Sphinx were lit up beautifully and the base was used as a giant projector. It was a very long but a beautiful day to spend the day at one of the seven wonders of the world, the mystery of which is still not unraveled.