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Luxembourg and Mullerthal Trail

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Luxembourg is a small country surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany and one of the world’s highest GDP (PPP) per capita as per IMF.ย  It is a very expensive country but transport within the country is completely free. I booked a place in Luxembourg city and used that as my base to travel around.

Day 1 & 2 Luxembourg City

I arrived Luxembourg in the afternoon. I booked City Pillow rooms for 5 days . Spent my time walking around the City centre . I booked a walking tour with twentyfourย  .ย  They covered many of the Citycenter landmarks Dicks et Lentz Monument, Grand Ducal Palace, Chamber of Deputies, Sant Michel Chruch, Casamates du Bock, La pasarelle + fortress, Notredam Cathedral, Golden Lady. I also visited Chemin de la Corniche also known as “the most beautiful balcony of Europeโ€ย  , it runs along the Alzette valley on the ramparts – built by the Spaniards and the French in the 17th century – from the Bock Promontory up to the lower part of the Holy Ghost Citadel, the so-called โ€œRondellenโ€. I also did a nice walk of Fort Thungen and Parc Drai Eechelen.





Day 2 Vianden Castle

Constructed between 11th and 14th Century, it is considered one of 21 most beautiful castles in the world. There is a chailift on the other sid eof the river which takes you to a vantage point higher than the castle with good view to the valley .

I followed the path down from the next hill to castle. The castle itself takes couple of hours to visit. Each room in the castle has some exhibits . Then I walked all the way down to the bus stop.





Day 3 & 4 Mullerthal Trail

Mullerthal Trail is 112 km long trail ย leads through the varied landscapes of the Mullerthal Region – Luxembourgโ€™s Little Switzerland. On the three main trail routes, hikers can enjoy regional peculiarities as bizarre rocks, mossy forests and quaint stream valleys but also open pastures. The three routes of the Mullerthal Trail each have their own character. Route 1 provides the change of landscapes typical for the region: rocks, woods and meadows. Route 2 leads through the heart of Luxembourgโ€™s Little Switzerland and brings hikers to spectacular rock formations. Route 3 is characterized not only by the rocks but above all by enchanting stream valleys and romantic castles.


Route 2

Departure : Echternach (Basilica) – Berdorf – Mullerthal – Hersberg – Scheidgen

Arrival : Echternach (Basilica) – Berdorf – Mullerthal – Hersberg – Scheidgen

Distance : 39,6 km

Altitude : 387 m

For two days I tackeled route 2 , wihich is just shy of 40 Km. I left my place early morning after breakfast and reached to Echternach . From Echternach Basilica I started and then walked towards Berdorf . After a short but strenuous climb, you reach the viewpoint “Trooskneppchen” from which you can see the Basilica and the surroundings. The Mullerthal Trail then leads through Wollefsschlucht (the wolvesโ€™ canyon) where wolves could find shelter in former times.

You continue along the Aesbaach brook and pass Perekop, a massive rock and then reach Huel Lee (Hohllay). This is a cave which was used in former times to cut out the millstones. The traces of this activity can still be seen on the rocks in the amphitheater, which is still used for theater or music performances.

I then passed the locality of Berdorf known not only for its famous Berdorf cheese but also for its wonderful landscape. The impressive rock formations in the surrounding woods make of this village the ideal starting point for many local hikes. I continued in the Schnellert forest towards the village of Mullerthal where one of the most important mills of the whole region was located.

The mill has been restored and is opened for the public. In the mill is a restaurant, a tourist-information and a “Best of Wandern” Testcenter. There are places to stop and rest in Mullerthal. I came out of the trail from here and left for Luxembourg. After walking the trail I visited newer part of Luxembourg City where Court of the justice of the European union is located.

Next day I started from Mullerthal continued along the brook Black Ernz towards a little picturesque cascade called Schรฉissendรซmpel. From there I walked towards the east along Eilebuerg, Goldfralee and Goldkaul which are spectacular rock formations worth a little rest. Before arriving to Consdorf I passed the mill of Consdorf (Konsdrefer Millen) .ย The Mullerthal Trail continues through rocks and woods towards an amazing crevice called Kuelscheier. If you want to cross it, be sure to have a pocket lamp as it is pitch dark and narrow. If you don’t feel like crossing it, you can walk around it. I then passed the villages of Consdorf and Scheidgen before arriving to Echternach again.

Day 5ย Luxembourg City

Today was the last day . Took a long nap and the off the airport for my flight back yo home.