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Day 1

I started early from Ronda. It was 9.18 train to Algeciras from Ronda. Weather was not good , it was raining incessantly from morning. At Algeciras I had to wait for sometime to catch a local bus to La – Linea. From La – Linea bus stop it was 10 min walk to the border checkpoint and then another 15 mins walk to my hotel in Gibraltar. Gibraltar is a tiny patch of land (less than 10 Sq Km) still part of British oversees territory. It has its own international airport . The road is also used as part of runway, so when a plane is about to land or depart the road is closed for traffic.

Con Dios – My hotel at Marina Bay

I was staying in a yacht moored at Marina Bay which is the largest of three marinas in Gibraltar.ย I stayed the night in a private yacht which was converted to a hostel. The weather was getting worse.

Day 2

Next day I decided to visit Europa point. It was a cloudy day with was drizzling since morning . This was almost 6 Km walk and weather gradually became worse. Sea was getting battered by high winds amidst heavy rain. I was completely drenched in spite of my waterproof clothing. On my way I visited Magdala Battery, 100 Ton Gun.

Europa point is the southernmost point of Gibraltar. Trinity lighthouse situated at the gateway between the Atlantic and Mediterranean and serves as waypoint for the ships passing through the strait. It started its operation in 1841 ย and still in use.ย Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque was constructed in 1997 by King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

I did not spend much time at Europa point and came back to my hotel completely drenched. Weather became much better at the evening , I went to an Indian take away to bring my dinner.

Day 3

I woke up one beautiful morning with the sun shining bright. Without wasting much time I finished my packing and left for The Rock of Gibraltar. There is a cable car to reach to the top , it also stops midway at Apes Den but I decided to walk instead. I visited various attractions including Moorish castle , Ape’s den ย ,and also the top of rock. From a height of 426M I could see the African coastline,ย where the waters of the Atlantic meet the Mediterranean, Spainโ€™s Costa del Sol and a panoramic view of the City far below, the quays, marinas and bays.

Moorish Castle
Airport and view of the Spain side

The Barbary macaque population in Gibraltar is the only wild monkey population in the European continent. ย These monkeys are of ย Algerian and Moroccan origin and probably introduced by the Muslim rulers . These are a type of tail-less species.

Barbary Macaques
Windsor bridge Gibraltar