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Mexico : Chichรฉn Itzรก and Cenote Swimming

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Journey to Mexico started with a very long flight with two changes. It started from Frankfurt at 7 AM in the morning , then a 3 hr break at Heathrow before taking the 2nd one to Dallas . Dallas airport was in total chaos , there is this December vacation rush with very long queues and we had on one and half hour to board the flights. At security we got seperated while we were made to walk through an open area with a dog running around.





The outcome of that was they were waiting for me while I was waiting at the boarding gate which was about to close. Somehow I managed to phone them and they AA hold the flight extra few minutes.ย  In Cancun airport I booked the transport to the hotel well in advance but there was not sight of the company and we were struggling to manage some arrangement. After probably one hour I managed to get hold of them and it toook a while for the car to arrive.

The place we were staying for 2 days in Cancun was basic but enough for 3 person. Next day at very early morning we booked our trip to Chichรฉn Itzรก. The name of the cpmpany is Travel Amigo and booked for an early access tour. The pick up point was about 1K from our hotel . The bus started at 5.30 AM and we were at the Chichรฉn Itzรก at 7.30 just before opening time. The guide explained to us how this large pre-Colombian city played an important role in Mayan civilization from around A.D. 600 to 1200 and remained a center of worship and pilgrimage until the arrival of the Spanish. Like many of ancient Mexicoโ€™s cities, the site was abandoned, and its ruins were hidden by jungle. Now this is under UNESCO protection and considered today one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.ย  We had a typical Mexican buffet lunch in one of the restrurant and then some shopping time.



After that we headed towards Mayan Cenote. Cenote is are vertical, water-filled shafts, or underground cave systems . They have underground passageways . Water in Cenote is very clean and cool. I had very refreshing swim there before returning back to bus . We arrived back in Cancun late afternoon. Next day we moved to our all-inclusive luxary resort for a 5 day stay.