Chadar Trek

🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳   “Life is an adventure, it’s not a package tour.”       – Echart Tolle When bad luck strikes it takes a moment to change everything. Due to heavy snowfall mountain passes become impassable during winter and some villages in Zanskar valley remain isolated from outside world. From ancient times frozen Zanskar river is used as a trade route to connect Leh in winter. This trek starts from Leh in Ladakh, literally “the land of high passes”, lies between the Himalayas and the Kunlun mountain range at a height of more than…
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Camping in White Desert

🇪🇬 🇪🇬 🇪🇬 Shadows were getting longer. It was late afternoon; we were driving through the white desert in Egypt; afternoon sunlight on an eerie shape of wind carved sandstone resembled a lonely camel far away. We were on the second day of our desert safari. We started from El Bawati village in Bahariya oasis after breakfast. Our first stop was "Sahara Suda", Black Desert; the ground to right and left covered with black stones which are black volcanic eruptions from centuries ago. English mountain is the highest point in the black desert and…
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Amazon : Along the Madre de Dios River

 🇵🇪 🇵🇪 🇵🇪 Manu was established as national park in 1973. With 800+ bird species, 5000 plant varieties, 1000 vertebrate species , 13 types of primates; covering an area of 17000 Sq Km; it is probably the most bio-diverse place in our planet. An arduous bus journey from  Cusco took us to the reserve area and then we entered  the mysterious cloud forest. Humidity and altitude in the cloud forest makes it an ideal place for a variety of flora and fauna. I spotted one pair of Cock on Rocks , Peruvian national bird. Slowly we descended and reached…
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