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Camping in White Desert

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Shadows were getting longer. It was late afternoon; we were driving through the white desert in Egypt; afternoon sunlight on an eerie shape of wind carved sandstone resembled a lonely camel far away.


We were on the second day of our desert safari. We started from El Bawati village in Bahariya oasis after breakfast. Our first stop was “Sahara Suda”, Black Desert; the ground to right and left covered with black stones which are black volcanic eruptions from centuries ago. English mountain is the highest point in the black desert and view is simply amazing from top.


After another 37Km we reached a small village named Al Hyaz for our launch. Families here are originally from Libya.


Landscapes keptย on changing ; there were various crystal formation at both sides of the road. The most famous Crystal mountain is made of a single piece of Quartz.


White desert is 160KM journey from Bahariya which we covered by a 4-wheel drive Toyotaย .The quantity of unearthly and beautiful wind-carved rock formations shaped in the form of giant mushrooms or pebbles is unequaled in any desert in the world.


There are many shapes; camel, old man, dog, cigar but most prominent is the Mushroom and Chicken.


It wasย a full moon night. Tents were put up though I decided to sleep under the stars.


Camp fire was lit up while our guide and driver were making cooking arrangements ย . It was an amazing night far away from civilization.


Whole desert was glittering inย moonlight.


Though the desert looks like an endless sea of sand completely devoid of any life; life exists ; a desert fox stole my sandals. I chased it and finally managed to recover only one.


Next morning it was beautiful to watch sunrise. We departed towards Farafra Oasis after breakfast .

The team


How did we do it : We used a reputed agency Minamar Travel . This was part of our 5 day desert circuit from Cairo to Luxor. Standalone 2 day white desert package also available from $150